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OurProducts | Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA)
COPOLYMER OF LDPE & VINYL ACETATE is a synthetic plastic made from Ethylene and Vinyl Acetate (VA).   There are various grades depending on VA content (16%, 18%, 22%, 28%) and molecular weight.  It has high flexibility, softness yet easy to mould with high resistance to temperature and environment. Being Environmental friendly and having same elasticity & softness of rubbers, It can be used to substitute PVC and natural rubber. 
Light Weight Slippers and Sole for Sport Shoes & Slippers
Artificial Grass, Carpet Backing, EVA Foam Sheets
Toys, Noise Cushion
Frozen Food packaging, Lamination For Flexible Packaging
Hot Melt Adhesive
Solar Cell Coating
Flexible Hose, Inner Cap